Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lilly Lashes Christmas Sale!!!

This holiday season, give the gift of GLAM!!

Lilly Lashes is having a Holiday Sale to help make your stocking stuffers a success.  From NOW until Wednesday 11:59pm get 15% off of your ENTIRE ORDER at

Enter coupon code "xmas" to get the discount!

People always ask what my favorite styles are, right now Venice is my favorite, it gives a really beautiful almond/princess jasmine type eye.  If you want an ultra glam look, try putting an Istanbul first, then a Venice!!!

Sky High individuals are also one of my favorites.  Individuals are so easy because you can put as few, or as many as you want.

My favorite for the day is St. Tropez.  This adds just flare on the ends of the lashes without looking too made up.

I hope this helps, and I hope you all have a very merry holiday season :)


Lilly Ghalichi


New AFFORDABLE Fashion Website!!!

I'm proud to announce that I've partner up with a really great team to provide a place where girls can get celebrity inspired fashion, at your every day fashionistas price range.  Affordable glam!!!

The site is called

Here's a taste of what you'll find there, and we are just getting started!!!! This entire outfit can be purchased on the site, along with a ton of other great things.

I hope this helps for all the girls that want my look, but want it on a budget :)


Lilly Ghalichi


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fun Night out for GG's Birthday!!

Last weekend was GG's birthday (one of my co-stars from the reality show I'm on, The Shahs of Sunset).

She had an "all black" party at a sexy new spot in LA called Warwicks, and I attended with my sister Yassi and my girlfriend Melissa.  My boys joined in for dinner (Etienne Ortega, Brandin Palestino and Rokael Lizama), but ended up leaving us for West Hollywood, typical!

My all black look of the night was fun, sexy, yet warm since it was chilly!!

I'm rocking a leather jacket from Intermix, a leather skirt from H&M, a black Chanel bag and black Saint Laurent heels.

My hair was down and curled.  I used a full pack of my Lilly Hair clip in extensions by BELLAMIHAIR and didn't brush out the curls for a super glam look (

For dinner, we headed to Boa Steakhouse on Sunset and met up with my friend George that was visiting from Houston.

With my sister Yassi and my girlfriend Melissa Molinaro
The party was fun, and GG looked beautiful. I am LOVING her with her new man.  He takes such good care of her, and adores the death out of her. I think he may be the one for her....

The worst part about not drinking is always being the designated driver, the best part about that is when you get to drive your friend's fun cars!! Thanks George!

The crop top I was rocking under my leather jacket is from Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills.

Overall, it was a great night with great friends :)


Lilly Ghalichi


Hair and Makeup Look of the Day!

Here's a recent hair and makeup look. The makeup was created by makeup artist Rokael Lizama, and the hair by me :)

For the hair, I clipped in all 260grams of Lilly Hair clip in extensions by BELLAMIHAIR.  I then used a 1 inch curling iron and made loose waves.  I sprayed them with Paul Mitchelle hairspray, let it dry, and then brushed it out to give it the tousled look.

For those of you that are BIG hair lovers, you have to check out my new line of 100% Human Remy Hair clip in extensions.  The are the THICKEST extensions on the market, 260 grams!! Most competitors clip in sets are about 120 grams.  You would need more than TWO packs of other brands to have the fullness of Lilly Hair. Check them out at

They are 100% my secret to BIG hair, I can't live without them.

For the makeup look, my makeup artist used the following products:

Mac Studio Fix Foundation (NC 40)
Mac Concealer
Laura Mercier loose powder
Lilly Lashes in MILAN and SKY HIGH Individuals (
Mac Myth lipstick
Mac Pink gloss over it (I don't remember the name)
Contour- Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
Eyebrows: Anastasia of Beverly Hills powder
Highlight: Mac Minerals

I wish I could tell you just HOW he did it, but I still haven't figured out his magic myself.

Don't be afraid to experiment with hair and makeup, it comes off/washes off at the end of the day!!


Lilly Ghalichi


This look and many others can be found on my Instagram @LillyGhalichi Check out the magic of the filter!!! The above photo is unfiltered :)

#GhalichiGlam Look of the Day

Last night I went to Mastro's with two of my girlfriends, Marianna and Bianca. Here was my #GhalichiGlam look of the night.

I'm rocking a silk top from Kyle by Alene too, a faux fur vest from H&M, rag and bone leather jeans from Intermix, a Sofia Al Asfoor Shield bag, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

You can re create the look on a budget by switching the leather jeans for a pair of black leggings (American Apparel makes great ones), and any long sleeve shirt.

I'm also rocking my Lilly Hair clip in extensions by BELLAMIHAIR. Visit to check them out. They were actually still a bit curled from the last time I styled them, so I brushed them out for move of a wave, clipped them in, and then pulled part of my hair away from my face.  I always get 2 uses out of my extensions before I style them again. It makes life SO much easier.

I am loving this cooler LA weather, have fun with your winter wardrobe!!


Lilly Ghalichi


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lilly Hair by Bellami has Arrived!!!

I am very excited to announce that my line of clip in hair extensions "Lilly Hair" by Bellami is finally available!!

People always ask me how I get my hair so thick and full, well this is my secret!!! I decided to launch a range of hair extensions so that girls could get my exact look.

Here's a few things about them:

1. They are the THICKEST extensions ever. 260 grams, that's A LOT of hair! I don't like my hair to be super long, instead I want it to be super thick and voluminous. 260 grams is more than double the hair of most packs.

2.The HAIR CARRYING CASE and HAIR HANGER: A key to having great hair is maintaining your extensions. Most of you probably throw yours in a drawer where they get tangled and matted.  This leads to the hair falling out and breaking more.  I decided with Lilly hair to include a HAIR HANGER and our revolunitary HAIR BAG that looks like a super cute garmet bag.

This way, you can easily and safely store your extensions, as well as travel with them!

3. HUMAN HAIR: Of course, Lilly Hair is 100% Remy Human Hair.  This way, you can style it, dye it, treat it just like your own hair!!
I am super proud of the quality of the hair and how the packaging turned out, and I think you guys will LOVE the hair as much as I do. Go ahead, be #GhalichiGLAM!!

To grab your own set of Lilly Hair, visit or


Lilly Ghalichi


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lilly Ghalichi's Prom Themed 30th Birthday Party!!!

For my dirty thirty this year, I decided to have a fun, persian princess prom themed birthday party!!

Many of you may have caught some of the party on my Bravo Reality Show, The Shahs of Sunset.

The party was held at my dear friend Muhammed Hadid's gorgeous home he shares with his beautiful girlfriend Shiva.  There was a 120 person dinner, followed by a party for about 300. The party was planned by the most incredible even planner, Sunny from WhiteLilacInc.  She did a GORGEOUS job!!!

I had never really celebrated my birthday, in fact I had never had any kind of big celebration at all in life (I didn't go to my college or law school graduations, I've never been married etc), so I decided to go all out.

I wore 4 different dresses during the party, was voted prom queen (lol), and Reza was voted prom king!! It was a super fun night, and even though the party may have been a bit much, I had a wonderful time.

The first dress I wore was designed by my dear friend Michael Costello, and he had to sew me in it (crazy!!).  He also made my doggy Coconut a matching dress, she looked SO beautiful!!

All done with the sewing!!!  

For the first hour before dinner began, a cocktail reception was held in the backyard with gorgeous persian classical music played on the violin.

After the reception hour, everyone headed downstairs to the ballroom for dinner.  I changed into my second dress, another couture Michael Costello dress.  This one was all black, and thankfully zipped up lol.

Dinner, dancing, and eating was the next hour and a half!! Oh, and voting for prom court of course :) Food was provided by Persia Inc by Besharati (949-633-9771 or and the cake by A Wish and a Whisk (

When dinner was coming to an end, I changed into my third dress of the evening to announce who had won prom court (we did queen, king, best dressed, class clown, and most eligible bachelor/bachelorette).  This dress is from a Turkish designer and I got it at a store in LA called "Hermz LA". Reza won prom king!!!! It was really close between Reza and Mike.

Lastly, the party ended where it began, outside in the backyard with drinks under the stars. My fourth dress was also from the LA based store, Hermz LA, and was a fun short dress with a long detachable skirt.

Oh, and there was a VVIP after-party, dress 5 for that ;)

Overall, my birthday was a lot of fun, and I feel so lucky to have been able to celebrate it in such a glamorous way with everyone that I love.


Lilly Ghalichi