Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby Niko's First Birthday Party!!

One of my best friends, Jennifer Stano's, little angel turned one recently.  She threw him the most EPIC birthday party EVER.  I mean, I'm a grown adult and I had so much fun, I can't even imagine how much fun the kids had.

Before I get into the party, let me just say how impressed I am with Jennifer.  She truly is the mother of all mothers, and has given this baby the most incredible first year of life.

Not because she's wealthy, or anything physical she's provided him, but because of all the endless love and attention she gives her son.  From home-made/organic everything, to daily exercise and sun shine, I hope to be even half the mother Jennifer is to Niko. I know that may sound stupid and some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking "thats what a mother should do, that's nothing special," but you have to see her with him, the woman she's become since he's been born.  It makes me believe in true love, and it makes me realize that motherhood is the most precious treasure in the World.

Ok, back to Niko's first birthday!

The party was carnival themed, and no detail was left out!! There was a real train ride, a carnival tent with performers, a build a bear station, a photo booth, and all sorts of carnival yummies (hot dogs, pop corn, hamburgers, funnel cakes, french fries, fresh juice stand...).

No detail was left out- and the desert station, to-die-for. Believe it or not, Jennifer planned the entire party herself, without a party planner, finding almost every vendor on Instagram.

The entrance to the party was spectacular.  First, at valet (yes, there was valet at a 1 year olds party--awesome!), you were greeted by balloons and a carnival check in desk.  Then, to actually get to the party, you had to walk through a giant rainbow of balloons--it was magical.

For my #GhalichiGLAM look, I went with a light blue maxi with a beige cover up (both bought at Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills), nude lady peep sling back Christian Louboutin shoes (which quickly came off and I was barefoot running around having a blast), a light blue Hermes Birkin bag, Dior cat eye glasses, and a Chanel White J12 watch.

For the makeup, I went super light ("light" for this Glamazon anyway) wearing Mac Studio Fix foundation in NC42.  For the hair, I went with down, loose curls using Lilly Hair clip in extensions for volume and length (click HERE to check out my hair extentions).

The extensions come much longer than this straight out of the box, but as I've said in my previous posts, I like to cut mine to be shorter and blend in with my own hair (I'm more concerned with BIG hair aka volume versus super long length).

If you guys want to see exactly how I get my classic #GhalichiGLAM hair look, check out the video tutorials on my youtube page by clicking HERE.

Ok, back to Niko's party!!! The prince actually slept for the first half of his party, but that's ok, all of the adults and the other kids were having a blast waiting for him.

Once Niko finally woke up from his nap, he came out to greet all his guests.  He's so smart, I swear he knew we were all there for him.

Overall the party was a huge success and so much fun.  I am NOT kidding when I say this, I was the very last guest to leave.  They were breaking down tables, packing everything up, and I was still sitting at the only table left, I didn't want to leave, I loved it at Niko's carnival lol.

Watching Jennifer become a mother this past year has been so moving and has affected me more than she knows since we don't really get to spend much time together anymore.  I want nothing more in life than to be able to experience that kind of love.

To dear baby Niko, may the rest of your life be filled even more joy and laughter that the first year of your life has been filled with. Congratulations to my friends Jennifer and Alki on their growing family, they expect their second child together (another son) very soon. No doubt he will be just as precious and perfect as baby Niko.


Lilly Ghalichi


Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Recent Trip to Singapore!!!

My fiancé and I (boyfriend at the time....) recently took an AMAZING vacation (Mid-March).  I almost never take vacations (because I'm a work-a-holic), but after persistent insisting from my boyfriend, I decided to let loose and go!

How cute are our matching Goyard bags!!
We started in LA and went from here to: San Francisco--> Singapore --> Maldives --> Bali, Indonesia --> LA.

It was magical.

There's WAY too much to share in just one blog post, so I'm going to split each destination up.  The first will be our first exotic, Singapore. All photos shared in this post were taken on my own camera (aka, nothing came from google).

Singapore is a really neat country, VERY clean and VERY anti-drug.  Before you land, they pass out a customs form.  On that form, in BOLD RED letters it notifies you that drug violations can face the death penalty. Wow.

Anyway, we stayed at a really neat hotel called "Marina Bay Sands Hotel." The hotel is actually 3 individual buildings connected by a rooftop pool! There's a mall inside, a casino, spa, restaurants--you basically never have to leave.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, my first look at it from the car as we pulled in.
My overalls are from, purse Gucci, hat Neiman Marcus
The hotel roof top was AMAZING.  The pool, the view, it was spectacular.  Unfortunately, the first day we were there (we were only there for 2 nights), it was kind of gloomy and it even rained a bit.  We made the best of it, and still enjoyed laying out.

I'm wearing the "Saharan Princess" bikini from, click HERE to get it.
How amazing does the city look in the background?! The design of the pool was incredible, if you swam to the edge, you felt like you were at the edge of the World about to fall off.

Directly behind the hotel was my favorite part of Singapore, a magical botanical garden.  I call it magical because it looks like something out of a Disney movie.

Other than our hotel/the garden behind our hotel, I hate to say this, but Singapore, you were kind of boring. We kept asking our concierge what we should do, but they really didn't have too many suggestions.

We took a car out to explore the city, do some shopping, and stumbled across Universal Studios!! Not a single person recommended us to go there, or even told us it existed. I guess I am starting to look my age :(

It was a fun two days, but I'm glad it was only two days because there really wasn't much to do.  It was a beautiful country, and I'm so fortunate to have been able to see it during my life, but I can't say I would ever want to go back.

I hope you guys enjoyed a bit of Singapore with me! Next destination-------> MALDIVES!!!


Lilly Ghalichi


ps- For those of you that asked on Instagram when I posted a few of these what filter I was using, its called "HDR".

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Ghalichi TV: My Official Youtube Channel has Launched!

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope you guys aren't feeling the 4th of July too hard right now, I spent my night blogging, so I'm fine, but I've been

In case you guys don't know, I have officially launched my YouTube channel!!! I call it "Ghalichi TV". It's mainly going to be videos I make about hair, makeup, beauty, fashion, and I'll throw in some silly fun every now and then too.

I've posted 3 videos so far:

1. The first is called "INSTA HATERS." This is where my team has me read REAL COMMENTS that you guys leave on my Instagram Photos (to follow me on IG, my name is @LillyGhalichi). Many of you leave lovely comments, but many of you, well, don't lol.

I never let mean comments bother me. At the end of the day, why should you care what a complete stranger has to say about you? How you feel about yourself, and what those that are close to you in life have to say about you is all that matters.

Insta Haters is my way of showing everyone, DON'T LET HATERS BRING YOU DOWN, laugh it off instead and keep being fabulous!!

2. The second video I posted is from a series I'm calling "Glam Secrets".  This is where I will give you guys all my #GhalichiGLAM tips and tricks on how I get my signature hair, makeup and fashion looks.

The first episode of Glam Secrets focused on "How to Curl and Pin" the hair featuring celebrity hair stylist Brandin Palestino. 

I will be posting one long hair tutorial, start to finish, but I thought it would be nice to break them up so you can clearly see each step.

Here's that video:

3. The third video I posted is also from "Glam Secrets" and is "How to Take Down and Tease the Curl," also featuring celebrity hair stylist Brandin Palestino.

Here's that video:


The next video I will be posting will be "How to Insert Lilly Hair Extensions," which is what I use to create all my #GhalichiGLAM hair looks.

Once this video is up, I will put all 3 together and post a full start to finish on how to get my #GhalichiGLAM big hair look. I have filmed it already, I just need to get around to editing it (click HERE to check out my super glam hair extensions!).

 I've also filmed a "How to Apply Lilly Lashes" and "How to Stack Lilly Lashes".

 So many of you ask what "stacking" my Lilly Lashes means, and/or how to do it.  Stacking Lilly Lashes simply means I wear more than one strip at a time for a super dramatic look.  There are different ways to stack: some people like to stack first while the lashes are still on the tray, let it dry, and then put it on the eye; other people like to apply each strip to the eye individually, let it dry, then place another on top. (click HERE to check out Lilly Lashes).

I promise to get this video edited and up this coming week too.

Well, that's my Youtube channel (click HERE to go to it). I hope you guys enjoy it and learn a lot, and don't forget to subscribe!!!

If there's a video you want me to get to, comment it below and I'll try my best, I promise to post at least one video a week.


Lilly Ghalichi


Apperance in New Jersey!!

I recently had the privileged of getting to meet some of my New Jersey fans at an appearance I did last weekend at Le Club Avenue. 

The venue was beautiful, an ocean-side indoor-outdoor rooftop lounge. I didn't know what to expect in New Jersey, so to prepare I did what any American would- GTL!!!! (Gym, Tan, Laundry). Ok, Ok, I realize "The Jersey Shore" was just a cheesy reality show and that's not really what the Jersey Shore is like, but I wanted to be prepared and fit in just in case it really was like that!

For my hair and makeup, I used a local NJ artist, the founder of "Artist Makeup Academy," AMA, in New Jersey. I told her to give me a New Jersey version of #GhalichiGLAM!! She killed it, and I have to admit, being a Jersey girl is fun!! Big hair, tan skin, right up my alley.

For the makeup, I'm not sure what foundation she used, but I do know that she used Lilly Lashes in PARIS and VENICE. Girl's always ask me what my favorite Lilly Lashes are, it's always changing, but right now, it's this exact combination! (click HERE to get Lilly Lashes)

 For the hair, we went with a straight teased-slick back look.  We used Lilly Hair clip in extensions in color 1 or jet black.  We used only about half of the pack (yes, it's THAT much hair!!!).  These Lilly Hair extensions are not cut shorter as my others are, as you can see, they are much longer, almost reaching my butt!! (see two photos above).

For my outfit, I wore a black bandage dress from WantMyLook. The dress is called the "Sophia" dress and is only $59. Oh, and the ENTIRE WEBSITE is 50% OFF right now!!! Once a year, the site has a 50% off sale, it's amazing!!! Use coupon code "america" to get the discount, and click here to go directly to the dress.

I paired the dress with nude Christian Louboutin platform heels. First, I love wearing nude heels with black dresses versus black heels-- nude heels create an illusion that your legs are super long, black heels add too much separation causing your legs to look shorter.  Second, I wore platforms (even though I'm over them and prefer dainty heels right now) because it was a night event, in a lounge, meaning your shoes aren't really seen, so I prefer to be taller.

The suite in NJ was SO F*CKING COOL!!! Each room was decorated so fun and creatively, of course THIS ROOM was my favorite!!!

This room was really cool too, the "Love Shack"!!! There was a mirror on the ceiling above the bed, as cool as that sounds, I'm not so sure I'd want to be sleeping under a giant, heavy mirror.  Especially in California where the ground shakes!!


Overall it was a great trip, and I loved New Jersey.  Everyone that came out was so polite and fun. Although I didn't sleep under the giant mirror, I do miss the pink room....


Lilly Ghalichi