Saturday, September 6, 2014

Outfit Of The Day - The Victoria Dress

Dress: Want My Look   Purse: Saint Laurent   Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti   Hair Extensions: Lilly Hair

Simple, sexy fun best describes the white Victoria Dress from WantMyLook.  I love the fit and how the right side is open so I can show off some leg, it adds that little extra to the dress.

I've said it before and will say it again, I love mixing designer bags and accessories with more affordable clothes.  My dress is only $45, I paired it with a purse from Saint Laurent and heels from Giuseppe Zanotti.  Since my accessories are high end, the entire look is high end, and all I spent on the outfit itself was $45!



Lilly Ghalichi


Monday, September 1, 2014

Sneak Peek into the "Lilly Ghalichi Collection" For WantMyLook

For those of you that live in LA, you may have caught me on KTLA morning news today talking about my collection for WantMyLook that will debut during fashion week in NYC, on September 10th.

During the interview (which was supposed to be all about my collection for WantMyLook but somehow wasn't lol), our beautiful model Amanda came out in one of the looks from my collection, "The Skater Dress"

Runway Models, us other girls can only dream of being that tall...
The dress is 1 of about 20 designs I have created for WantMyLook, it will be called "The Lilly Ghalichi Collection for WantMyLook". The best part is, everything is as affordable as possible, this being one of the more expensive items due to the expensive fabric.

My inspiration for the fall collection comes from my very own closet.  I have over 20 years, and likely millions of dollars, in research from my own shopping that went into my designs lol. I basically made things that I love.  Silhouettes that I feel flatter a woman's body, and are sexy while still staying classy.

I changed into The Skater Dress right after the interview for lunch!!
I used my favorite fall textures including the highest quality faux leather, fur, mesh, and lace. The entire collection is 100% Cruelty Free and Animal Friendly.  I worked really hard to source the highest quality faux fabrics, and I think many of you will be shocked to learn it's not real leather once you see and feel it.

If you like The Skater Dress that was revealed today, you will likely love the rest of my collection as well. And, if you don't like the dress, don't worry, there's plenty more :)

Since we revealed the dress, WantMyLook made it available today as well!! You can be the first to grab yours before it even hits the runway. Click Here to link to the dress.

As for my own look for the interview, I went with a beautiful green tunic dress (its called the "Rue Tunic" from WantMyLook). I paired it with gold Jimmy Choo heels and a black and gold Chanel Boy Bag.

Ironically, when I showed up on the KTLA set, the model Amanda was wearing THE EXACT SAME "Rue Tunic" from WantMyLook lol. We did NOT plan it, in fact we didn't even know the other owned the tunic.  The good news was that Amanda was changing for the segment into the Skater Dress, so it didn't matter. Twinning!!

Rue Tunic Twins!!
For my hair and makeup look, I went with a clean glam using foundation NC 44 by Mac and Lilly Lashes in VENICE and PARIS, stacked.

Lilly Lashes baby!!!
For those of you that don't know what "staked" means, I've explained it in detail in past blog posts, but the cliffs notes version is wearing more than one pair of Lilly Lashes at once (one on top of the other).

The great part about Lilly Lashes is that they all come in invisible bands, meaning there is no thick band at the base of the lashes like most other companies.  This not only makes the lashes more comfortable to wear, it also allows you to STACK them, creating your own unique, glam styles.

You can wear 2-3 pairs and it will only feel like 1 pair since all you are really adding are lashes.  I'm obsessed with my own product lol.

For the hair look, I am wearing Lilly Hair clip in extensions in color 1 or Jet Black. I am wearing a FULL PACK!! I don't always wear a full pack (at 260g it's A TON of hair!!), but I wanted to be extra fabulous today, so I went for it all.

Here's a fun photo with my hair stylist Francisco Pinto, he's amazing. This photo was before I switched to my black Chanel Boy Bag (in this photo I'm using a red YSL bag).

For the accessories, I kept it simple and sexy.  My engagement ring of course, paired with a gorgeous gold and diamond serpent bracelet from my line of fine jewelry, The Lilly Ghalichi Collection by Avitan.

Although I decided to make affordable clothes, with jewelry, I went with fine jewelry, using only REAL gold and diamonds.  The reason I did is simple, it goes back to my theory on shopping: SAVE with clothes and SPLURGE with accessories.

Real Jewelry has real value, meaning resale value. If you ever need money, or you decide you don't want the item anymore, you can always sell fine jewelry and recoup almost all your cost, if not even make money since precious metals and stones are always appreciating!

With clothes, you don't have the same luxury. Even the finest fabrics or most sought after designers, clothes will not appreciate and have almost no re-sale value once you walk out the store.

Well, that was my MORNING y'all, now I'm at the WantMyLook office, back hard at work finishing up my collection.

If you will be in NYC on September 10th and would like to attend the runway show at 3pm, please CLICK HERE and request an invite :)

If you would like to watch the full interview from KTLA Morning News, Click Here:


Lilly Ghalichi


Sunday, August 31, 2014 SUMMER END SALE!!!

WantMyLook, the affordable fashion brand I'm obsessed with, almost NEVER has sales, but they're having one right now to celebrate the end of summer!!

All of these looks below, PLUS MORE, are on sale. THE ENTIRE SITE!!!

For the next 24 hours, starting NOW, the entire site is 15% OFF!!!

Use Coupon Code "SummerOut" to take advantage of the incredible deals at WantMyLook.

Happy shopping, and happy end of Summer!!


Lilly Ghalichi


WIG LIFE!!! And, Clip in Extensions

I often get accused of wearing wigs, "lace front" wigs to be exact. Truth is, I DO NOT WEAR WIGS.

That's all Lilly Hair clip ins honey, no wigs here!!
With that said, I actually take it as a compliment that people think my hair is so thick, long and perfect it must be a wig.  That only goes to show me Lilly Hair clip in extensions are that good!!!

See, no lace front wig, that's my real forehead/scalp/hair, enhanced only with Lilly Hair clip in extensions
I do own 2 wigs though. One is a short black bob with bangs, and the other is an even shorter red wig. I have worn the black bob 3-4 times now, but unfortunately I've only worn the red one once.

I've always been obsessed with everything girly and fun. Heels can't get high enough, mascara can't get black enough, and closets can't get full enough! So, it's no surprise that I'm not embarrassed to rock a wig.

Lilly Ghalichi
Throwback to 2013, Wearing a wig, still #GhalichiGLAM
Clip in extensions are obviously my preferred go to hair style, but every once in a while, why not try something drastically different- just for the day. Wigs are fun and easy, but more importantly, and much like today's dating World, no commitment needed!

Aside from being able to try something new without the commitment, wigs are great because they cut your getting ready time a lot. I can easily spend an hour doing my hair, so if you're late, skipping that step is a great time saver.

For me, the few times I have rocked my black bob, it was because I thought it went with the outfit more than my usual long, thick hair would have. More of a fashion accessory if you will.

Lilly Ghalichi
Throwback to 2013 #GhalichiGLAM
How sophisticated chic does this short hair look with this Emilio Pucci Dress?  Maybe the look isn't as seductive or sexy as it would have been with long hair, but it's nice to switch things up. Your whole persona changes, it's almost like taking on a whole new identity for the day.

Short hair, don't care!!

Lilly Ghalichi
Throwback to 2013 rocking the bob wig
Here are two other times I've rocked that same bob wig:

Throwback to 2012!
Throwback to 2012...this outfit tho, I need to wear it again!!
Of course, my friends know I'm wearing a wig, but as for a stranger I come across on the street, they'd never know. And, even if they do know, it doesn't bother me.

I gladly confess that I'm wearing a wig whenever someone compliments my hair and I'm wearing the bob wig. I'm not really this tall without my heels on, my skin doesn't look this flawless without makeup on, so what's the shame in having a little fun with my hair too? I'm confident and comfortable enough to have fun with my hair, and you should be too.

As far as cost goes, wigs can be pricey, especially good ones.  The short red one was about $250 and the bob was about $270.  That's a lot for something you may not get a lot of use out of, so for those of you that are on a tight budget, I would 1 billion percent go with clip in extensions before you begin having fun with wigs.

Yes, wigs are fun, but lets get real, you are not going to wear them a lot.  Clip in extensions on the other hand can be worn so many ways, so many days out of the year.  I wear my clip ins at least 5 days a week, with almost every style I do on my hair.  So, clip ins are worth the investment for me.

Super glamorous hair made possible because of Lilly Hair clip in extensions 
Wigs, I would say for the average fashonista, are not worth the investment because you likely won't get much use out of them.  As I said, I have 2 wigs.  I bought them both in early 2012, and I've only worn the black 3-4 times, and the red 1 time- not worth my money.  However, I'm in a position in life where I have disposable income to use and enjoy, so for me, they are fun novelties to have.

For the same price you can get clip in extensions, which are so much more versatile and usable, so it's clearly a better investment.

Tried something different and fun, Lilly Hair clip in extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, so you can brush out, or even wash out, any style you created and start over again the next day. 

Don't be afraid to try something different, rock a wig, clip in extensions, or outrageous makeup.  Life is about having fun and taking risks.

Yes I rock hair extensions and wigs, yes I love to wear makeup- a lot sometimes, and yes, I realize I am wild with fashion. If any of that offends you or upsets you, then you should look inside yourself, because I'm not the problem, I am merely being me, and being me has nothing to do with you.

Be yourself, express yourself, and f*#$ anyone that has something negative to say about it.


Lilly Ghalichi


Re-Post from Jonny Drubel: Why Are So Many Gay Men Single?

My dear friend, and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills reality star, Jonny Drubel did a very interesting and thought provoking post on his blog relating to why so many gay men are single.

Obviously I'm not gay, or a man, but I found it very intriguing, and think even straight people can relate.

Enjoy his post below, and check out his blog for more.


Lilly Ghalichi

Why Are So Many Gay Men Single…When They Don’t Want To Be?

Let me start by saying that I am single and DO NOT WANT TO BE.  Yes. I. Said. It. I admit it. I want a boyfriend. I am in the singles boat and am rowing against a VERY strong current. Yes,  I want someone to go to brunch with on Sundays. I want someone to sleep over night and wake up to them in the morning. I want someone to call me during the day to see how I am doing. I would like to be able to introduce someone to my family and want them to hang out with my friends. Call me desperate. I don’t give a shit. I want a boyfriend.
After doing some soul-searching, and talking to a couple of my friends, I realize that I am not the only gay man who feels this way. I am going out on a limb and saying that gay men (not all) who are in their twenties, thirties and even forties, have a hard time not only settling down, but admitting to wanting a partner. What the fuck is wrong with us? Why are we so embarrassed about wanting a significant other? We’re all deserving of love, aren’t we? Sometimes I truly feel like I am not…and it blows but, I have a feeling I am not the only one who feels this way.
I believe that my lack of self-confidence is what keeps me from allowing myself to be in a committed relationship. For some reason, I don’t feel as though I deserve someone. Lack of self-confidence can stem from many issues (literally could name thousands but I don’t intend to diagnose myself). Although we hate showing it, gay men are extremely self-conscious. Each and every one of us. Whether it be something on our body, like not having a big enough dick, or having too big of a waistline, or not driving the latest BMW, we all have something we truly dislike about ourselves. This lack of self-confidence mixed with slight self-hatred has played a large part in dating life.
Here is a typical dating story for me. I meet a guy who I am personally attracted to. Whether it is on Grindr (not recommended), through a friend, or even at a bar, we hit it off. We go on our first date (YAY!). Of course it is awkward. I’m sweating, he’s not speaking, we’re both over drinking but then we finally both settle down and start a good banter. We get to the point where we keep making eye contact and have those welcome pauses in our conversation…the spark is clearly there. We sit for hours talking and we end the date with a kiss (THAT IS IT. Word of wisdom, don’t sleep with someone you like on the first date. Sexual attraction is important but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?)
The next morning, one of us sends the awkward first text, and the relationship starts to grow. THIS is where I go wrong. When I realize that someone is into me, I start asking the “What ifs?” “What if he actually isn’t into me?” “What if he won’t like having sex with me?” “What if I’m more into him than he is into me?” And it just keeps going, going, and going.
Eventually I talk myself out of liking him only because I worry that he will not like me. Self-sabotage kicks in, he loses interest, and all my insecurities are to blame. This has happened to me numerous times. For whatever reason, I am more worried about what he will think about me rather than WHAT I WILL THINK ABOUT HIM. Why can’t I put my needs and wants first? Why do I want him to like me so badly? I care, because I like him and although I can accept his flaws, I am worried he will not be able to accept mine. I self-sabotage in order to protect myself….not good.
Accepting who you are as a person is a long and dramatic journey, but it is worth the work. As gay men, we go through the process of accepting that we are different from a young age. Once we come out, we think that we have accepted ourselves fully. NOT THE CASE. Right now I am going through the stages of accepting myself and being comfortable with my flaws. Yes, I am dramatic. Yes, I am not making as much money as I want to be. And yes, I am usually the only one at a Weho pool party without a six-pack. Am I okay with it? Kind of. I’d be lying if I were to say I was completely comfortable in my own skin. But what I have realized is that these flaws do not make me unlovable. Just because I may not like these certain aspects of myself doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be able to look past them, or even fall in love with them.

I know, I rambled. Thoughts? Share! Would love to hear what you have to say!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hermes Bags and a Thow-back to My First Birkin

I used to be a Chanel WHORE. Anything and everything I bought came in a soft quilted pattern bearing the CC logo.

However, now I've become obsessed with BIRKINS and Hermes in general.

The first Birkin I ever got was a beautiful blue jean blue Birkin in early 2012:

At first, I wasn't so sure about the color, but with the availability of Birkins, beggars can't be choosers! With passing time, I have learned to love the color.  It's fun and flirty, and perfect for the summer and traveling.

My first time rocking my new Birkin in 2012 was so fun, my friends Jonny Drubel and Dorothy Wang (they have their own reality show now on E! called "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills", be sure to check it out!) got me Hermes scarves for my birthday that year to tie on my bag, so I went to the store for a little tutorial:

Throw Back Photo to early 2012, one of the first times I carried my very first Birkin!
I had no idea at the time, but Hermes Twilly scarves are SO hard to come by it's ridiculous. I'm so glad my friend's got me some, and thankfully they matched my bag. My Blue Jean Blue Birkin was officially ready for summer!!

Throwback to early 2012, my very first Birkin, and one of it's very first night's out!
Other than Dorothy (who has SOOOO many Birkins lol), I was the first of my friends to get one, so it was super exciting for me.

Even though these photos are from years ago, I still remember my outfit details. White dress from D&G, shoes from Christian Louboutin and Bag from Hermes of course. I had used my sock bun trick that day, I will definitely blog about that this week because sock buns are such a simple, easy, quick way to do your hair and still look glam.
Throwback to 2012, a night out with my bestie Jennifer Stano (pre motherhood!!) and a few of her friends
Since then, my Hermes fever has spread. I now own a few different Birkins, a Kelly Bag, and some of their Jewelry and accessories as well. Here are some recent photos using some of my Hermes items with full outfit details.

Using my Black Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it, and a Louis Vuitton Key/Bag Chain. Paired it with the "Perfect Poncho" from and Christian Louboutin Nude Heels. Sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli.

Using my Blue Jean Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with Jeans, a T-Shirt and Jacket all from Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills, and Christian Louboutin Heels.

Using my Blue Jean Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with a crop top and the "Lana Skort" in orange, both from Hair styled using Lilly Hair clip in extensions in color 1B or Off Black.

Using my Black Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it, and a Louis Vuitton Key Chain. Paired it with the "Bring it Tee" in black from , Jeans from Kyle By Alene Too in Beverly Hills, and Christian Louboutin Black Heels.

Using my newest Birkin with a Twilly Scarf and Louis Vuitton bag chain on it. Paired it with a Romper from Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills, and Christian Louboutin Gold Fish Net Heels. Wearing about half of a pack of Lilly Hair clip in extensions.

Using my Hermes Kelly Bag, paired it with a green crop top from Kyle By Alene Too and a Pencil Skirt from Nookie. Wearing about half of a pack of Lilly Hair clip in extensions in color 1 or Jet Black.

Using my Blue Jean Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with a Maxi Dress and Open Sweater, both from Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills. Wearing Lilly Hair clip in extensions.

Using my Black Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with the "Abby Dress" in blue from from and Christian Louboutin Nude Heels.

Using my newest Birkin with a twilly scarf on it and Louis Vuitton bag chain.  Paired it with a cute orange pant romper from Posh Shop.

Using my Black Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with a crop top and pencil skirt both from , and Christian Louboutin Black Fish Net Heels.

Wearing my Blue Jean Birkin with a Twilly scarf on it.  Paired it with a bright, sexy Nookie Dress and custom Brian Atwood Crystal heels.

Rocking my Black Birkin on the Red Carpet, dressed it up with a Twilly scarf and Louis Vuitton Bag/Key Chain.  My dress is from Kyle By Alene Too , bracelet from Hermes, and by shoes are from Saint Laurent. Wearing a full pack of Lilly Hair clip in extensions in color 1 or jet black.

Goofing off in Chanel, wearing my Black Birkin with Twilly Scarf and Louis Vuitton bag chain. Entire outfit from Kyle By Alene Too in Beverly Hills, boots from Givenchy.

Using my newest Hermes Birkin with a Twilly Scarf on it. Paired it with the "Amanda Denim Dress" from and silver metallic Jimmy Choo heels. Wearing about half of a pack of Lilly Hair clip in extensions.


Although Hermes items are expensive, I would recommend them because they have RESALE VALUE. I hate to purchase expensive items that have little to no resale value- like a pair of shoes for example.

If you spend $1000 on a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes, yes you can sell them if you wear them gently, but you'll only get about 30-40% of your money back; and, that's assuming you wore them very gently.

With Hermes bags, not only will you get 100% of your money back in resale, you can even get MORE than what you paid! Since Hermes bags are so difficult to come by, people will pay a premium to have one.  For example, the blue Birkin discussed in this post, this was purchased in 2012 for about 10k. If I wanted to sell this bag today, I could easily get 12k for it. That's 2k MORE than what it was purchased for, AND I have used it for over 2 years.

When accessories I purchase hold their resale value, or better yet appreciate (like Diamonds and Birkins), I don't feel guilty purchasing them.

My theory is always SAVE with clothes (don't buy expensive clothes, they have zero resale value and you won't use them for a long period of time), and SPLURGE with accessories (if you buy your accessories smart, you'll use them for years and years, and they'll have a real value if you ever decide to get rid of them).

Is a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag on your lust list? If it is, comment what color you WILL have in the comments below to help thow it into the universe and bring it to you!!


Lilly Ghalichi


Unleash'd Magazine Cover: How to Get the Hair and Makeup Look!!

Today's post is dedicated to dishing all the delicious details on what you need to get this makeup look:
The look was created by my makeup artist Rokael Lizama during a photo-shoot on location in the desert of Palm Springs. The shoot was for my cover and spread in Unleash'd Magazine.

Unleash'd Magazine Cover
Here are the basics of what he used:

1. MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in color NC 42
2. MAC Liquid Concealer NC 20
3. MAC Lipstick in color "Diva"
4. Loreal Black Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black (drugstore, yay!!)
5. Lilly Lashes in: Istanbul, Cairo and Venice (all 3 stacked, this was a SUPER glam look)
6. Eyebrows: Mixture of grey eye-shadows (MAC palate)

My makeup artist always starts with the eyes since they get messy.  The focus of this look is a super dark cat eye.  This is all done with heavy lashes and liner.  For liner, we used regular old drug store black liquid liner by Loreal.  Rather than applying it with the stencil the liner comes with, he puts it on the top of his hand and uses a brush.  This gives it a softer, smudge look.

The real pop of the eyes here comes with the Lashes.  We used Lilly Lashes of course, but we actually stacked 3 different styles to make it super dramatic.  We used, Istanbul, Cairo and Venice.
I know that seems like a lot of lashes, but it give it that RAWR look!

What we mean by "stacking" is actually gluing them on top of each other.  There are two ways to do this.

1. You can apply each one to the eye individually. To do this, apply the first style, allow it time to dry, then apply the second one right on top of it and so on; or,

2. You can stack them BEFORE you apply them to the eye.  To do this, take one pair of lashes, put a thin layer of glue on it, and place it on top of another pair of lashes. Push the two together firmly to make sure they are tightly glued together.  Wait for it to dry, and stack more if you'd like, or apply it to your eye.  It will be like it's only one lash you're applying now since they're glued together!

Lilly Ghalichi with designer Michael Costello
To apply the foundation, we used a Beauty Blender.  I've done a post on the beauty blender before, but I'll re-do that post later today giving you guys details on exactly how to use it.

The most striking part of this look was the lip.  To all of you asking, it is by MAC and the shade is called "Diva".  For my brunette beauties it is a must have. It was my first time wearing it (I'm not a big fan of color on my lips, always nude or pink), and I'm addicted! The contrast of the deep burgundy to dark hair is amazing.

For the hair, my makeup artist Rokael Lizama actually did it too!! That's the great thing about clip in extensions, once you have all the hair in, it doesn't really matter what you do with it, it looks amazing!

He used Lilly Hair clip in extensions, in color 1 or Jet Black. After he clipped in the hair, the curled it very loosely (remember, he is a makeup artist, NOT a hair stylist, so he just curled away for fun), and then made a messy, crazy pony on the side.

Lilly Hair is SO much hair, 260g, to give you an idea, other hair extension companies generally sale 100g or or 120g packs, this is more than TWICE the hair. Once you have all that hair in, no matter what you do with it, even if you're not a pro, it's going to look GLAM.

I hope having all the colors of the look, and the products that were used helps.

Good dark berry colored lips are hard to come by, if you know a good berry, comment it below!!

Lilly Ghalichi