Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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sunglasses Céline

Fun, fall fashion finds.

Love the Proenza purse in camel, which is such a great color for a bag because it matches everything.  Leather jackets are also one of my fall fashion must-have items because you can wear it dressed down over jeans and a t-shirt, or dressed up over a sexy little dress for a night out.

Mixing and matching glam with rock is always a favorite of mine.

What is your favorite fall trend?

Click on the different brand names above and it will take you straight to the page of the product!


Lilly Ghalichi


Date Night and @Jet_Set_Life 's Secret Filter!!

Last night my fiancé Dhar and I went on "Date Night."  We both work a lot, and are extremely busy, so we decided at least one night a week we are going to find the time to go on a proper dinner date (and try a new restaurant each time!).

For my look, I went with sexy-chic. I am wearing the "Brook Bandage Dress" from It's actually a two piece bandage crop top and skirt set, but they have it listed as a dress.

I LOVE bandage dresses/sets because it truly gives every girl a flattering shape.  If you are very thin like me, it helps to accentuate your curves, and if you are a curvy girl, it helps to hold in certain areas while flattering others, giving the perfect hour glass shape.

To complete the look, I paired the outfit with a Chanel Brooch, Christian Louboutin heels, and a Chanel Lego bag.

I LOVE brooches and other small accessories you can add to any outfit.  My theory is always SAVE with clothes (my skirt and top was under $100) and SPLURGE with accessories (the brooch was likely around $600, I don't remember exactly).

With accessories, you will wear them over and over and over, for  years to come. With clothes, you don't get as much wear since our bodies and style changes. So, even though I could afford to shop anywhere I want, I am smart and choose to shop at affordable fashion retailers such as

You will still look amazing and fashionable, but you won't have to break the bank on something you won't use for years and years.

Back to the date!!!

Dhar and I post a lot of lovey dovey photos, but that's because you should LOVE the lovers and PLAY the players honey!! Dhar is such a lover, so it's so easy to love him, and be loving with him.

A lot of people comment on my photos asking what filter he uses on his photos (for those of you that don't follow us on IG, that's what I'm referring to, my IG is @LillyGhalichi and Dhar's is @Jet_Set_Life ), it is called the HDR filter on Camera +. I'll show you the difference.  Here's the same photo with the filter.

I admit, it's a lot more awesome. Dhar hits almost all of the photos he posts with this filter, and his IG account looks pretty cool as a result.  I'll post a photo every now and then using the filter, but I try to keep my photos more regular looking because I post a ton more than he does.

For my hair and makeup look, I'm wearing Lilly Hair clip in extensions by Bellami Hair. I'm wearing only about a little over half the pack, and in color 1B which is an off black or dark brown color (the filter makes it look much lighter, it's actually darker).

For the makeup look, I'm wearing Lilly Lashes in Venice (click HERE to link to Venice).

Overall it was a great dinner and a fun look. Don't forget to find time for date night in your relationship!


Lilly Ghalichi


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ghalichi Glam Photo of the Day!

This photo was taken during the Lilly Hair promo shoot.

Photo: by Gerry Garcia

Hair:  I'm wearing one full pack of Lilly Hair clip in extensions by Bellami Hair in color 1 or Jet Black. CLICK HERE to check out Lilly Hair.

Dress: by Michael Costello

Shoes: by Christian Louboutin 

Makeup: by Etienne Ortega (hair as well) using Lilly Lashes in styles Tehran and Venice. CLICK HERE to check out Lilly Lashes. 


Lilly Ghalichi


Shoe Alterations! This is not a joke...

The photo above is NOT a damaged shoe, it is actually my brand new, never worn shoe. The cutting of the shoe was done today on purpose, in order to make them fit.

I've blogged about this before in 2012 (click HERE to read that blog), but I stopped by Progressive Shoe Repair today, so I thought I would revisit the topic. If you live in LA, Progressive is hands down THE BEST shoe cobbler.

Its no secret that I'm a thin girl, well unfortunately that also applies to my feet! Because my feet are so slim, I have to get almost all of my shoes altered in order to make them fit my thin feet.

Many of you may not even know this is an option (I say that due to some of the shocked IG comments I read when I posted this photo today). It's amazing what a great shoe cobbler can do for your heels. If you have a pair of shoes you don't wear because they're a little too big, too small, or uncomfortable, you should try taking them to your local cobbler to help.

I can wait to wear these new beauties (from Giuseppe Zanotti), they will be ready in a week, I will post photos of their rehabbed state!


Lilly Ghalichi


Sephora Product Haul!!

I work a ton, so I don't have a lot of time to shop (contrary to what people may think, I almost never have time to actually go shopping). Therefore, I online shop!!

Online shopping for makeup or beauty products is tricky because you really need to see/try them, but I online shop for them anyway lol.

Here's my sephora purchase I just made:

For those of you that follow my blog, you know that I'm obsessed with the beauty blender. Well, they have mini ones now!!!

My makeup artist Bria told me about them, I haven't actually tried them yet, but she said they're pretty good, so I'm excited. I got a regular beauty blender also because I want to try and use a separate one for foundation/concealer/contouring.  That way, I don't mix the colors too much.

I also grabbed a foundation brush, I've never tried it, but it had great sephora reviews, so I'll let you guys know what I think once I get it. I use a MAC one right now, but I'm not too crazy about it.

Lastly, I needed a new eye cream, so I'm trying something new by Shiseido.  I love Shiseido products in general, and this eye cream was top rated, so we shall see. I generally use Murad Products for all my skin care, but the Murad eye cream I like wasn't available on the website :(

Once all the products arrive and I give them a trial run, I'll update you guys with my thoughts.


Lilly Ghalichi



Fall is around the corner for many (lucky to be living in LA, so it's kind of always summer!), and red nails are a favorite year around for me. 

Red is one of my go-to colors because it works for both the day and night.

People often ask me what my favorite reds are, so here you go!! If you click on any of the brand names above, it will link to the polish :)


Lilly Ghalichi




The other day my fiancé Dhar and I went to visit the Children's Hospital of LA. We wanted to learn more about the hospital and how we can get involved to help out.  


While walking around, we met so many amazing people. One boy that especially touched our heart was a boy named Dylan. He has been at the hospital for some time now and is a master Lego builder, how cool is that? He's so talented that even build the hospital out of Legos!!

The visit was so touching, not only are Dhar and I going to get involved, I strongly encourage anyone that has time to go, to please visit the hospital and help out.  

 After the hospital visit, I stopped by McDonald's (don't judge me). I had no time to eat before heading over to my office, and by my office I mean the WantMyLook office. 

I'm designing a collection for WantMyLook that will debut at New York Fashion Week on September 10th, with Style360. I am super excited, but also very stressed out. Working on the show is pretty much what I do day and night (and what I will do for the next two weeks).

After work, Luke (who is a fashion director from WML) and I headed off for some TGIF fun. 

Leaving work with Luke to go downstairs to eat. 

After a long day of work everyone deserves a good, fun dinner. Often times I work so much, I forget to enjoy myself. Working is important, but we shouldn't live to work. It was really nice to let loose after work.

Hmmm.. wondering what's cooking in the kitchen... 

The details of my look include:

"Maytal Cardigan" in Black, from (click HERE to link to the cardigan)

Christian Louboutin Heels (purchased from the Dallas boutiques)

YSL purse (purchased from Tootsies in Houston)

Wearing a full pack of Lilly Hair Clip in extensions (click HERE to link to Lilly Hair) 

Wearing Lilly Lashes in style ISTANBUL (click HERE to link to Istanbul Lashes)

The night ended at Seven Eleven, on the hunt for my favorite Persian Drink, doogh lol.

For those of you that are Persian, you understand. For those of you that aren't you would be super grossed out because it's basically plain yogurt mixed with water.

I didn't find it, maybe next time...


Lilly Ghalichi